Other stuff…………..

y Wife was the best Second grade School Teacher ever, no kidding. She used to teach here at St. Charles Borromeo School
But on January 7, 2019 she passed away from Brain Cancer.


Our oldest son graduated in 2011 from Baldwin Wallace.
Our youngest son graduated in 2014 from
Kent State University

Our Parish is……
St. Charles Borromeo Church

My favorite guitar. Guess which one?


Most of my friends and associates and even some people who aren't my friends bring me their PC's when they have problems.  I tell everyone if they had a MAC they wouldn't need me to fix their PC's every few months. Ha!
Think a Mac isn't for you?  Ask me.

Lately, I have been using in addition to my MAC a great Linux version called Zorin 16. More on that to come.


Or PC?

Below, is what I use... if your not sure it is a 2022 14" MacBook Pro, retina display 2TB SSD and 32GB memory.

Or Linux?